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"The only reason human beings don't like themselves is because they truly do not know who they are. They have never lived the experience of being themselves nor seen the beauty of what their true life holds." 


- Ra Uru Hu, founder of Human Design

What is Integrative Human Design?


First, let's state what it is NOT:


- it is not a belief system

- it is not a philosophy 

- it is not a religion

IHD is a practical system, but more importantly: it's an EXPERIMENT.


It's a journey into yourself and the life that was always waiting for you. It is YOU!


It does not tell you WHAT to do, but tells you HOW to move through life as yourself, so that all answers can emerge organically and effortlessly. 

The system combines wisdom from astrology, the ancient Chinese I-Ching, the Gene Keys, the 9 center energy system and Integral Theory - providing you with a unique bodygraph and life map. 

Together it forms your unique genetic matrix - the imprint of the position of the stars at birth. 

In other words, it is like the screenshot of your position in the time-space continuum when your were born - imprinted in your DNA. 

The bodygraph is your user manualIt gives you a clear life strategy, which if followed, makes your life so much easier. 

The map is your life journey - the steps to take to unlock your gifts one by one - guiding you towards your true life purpose. 

It is the combination of both that is so powerful - knowing who you are and where to go


There is one more important thing though.. 

This system wouldn't be complete without an evolutionary approach - in which humanity is seen as a highly mutative specie, with great potential for change. 

This so called spiritual evolution simply means that we keep on climbing up the consciousness ladder - raising the energy frequency that runs through our DNA. 


So yes, there is a fixed genetic imprint at birth, but there also is evolution! 


We evolve both as individuals and as a whole - going through distinct stages. 


The Gene Keys and Integral Theory give us a clear map of consciousness - in which we embrace the Shadow (our challenge), release the Gift (our creativity) & rise to the Siddhi (our essence). 

We end up with a coded matrix of 64 archetypes - with their respective 3 levels of frequency - giving us a total of 192 themes to contemplate on. 



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