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Your personal journey gets much

easier once you have the map



  • Being given the "user manual" for your life, health and relationships. 

  • Getting a detailed view of your natural talents, gifts and potentials. 

  • Being explained how you are designed to move through the world. 

  • Receiving instructions on how to make decisions as yourself. 

  • Understanding how you get influenced by the people around you. 

Integral Human Design can do that for you! 


  • You feel like life is a constant struggle and you wish things could flow better.

  • You find it difficult to make the right decisions and always seem to end up in the wrong situation. 

  • You keep on repeating the same patterns and don't know how to escape them. 

  • You struggle to keep your integrity with others - it's hard to be yourself in relationship and have clear boundaries. 

  • You feel lost.. life seems meaningless and you don't know which direction to take. 

  • You don't know what your gifts, talents and potentials are. Nothing you've tried seems to work.

If any of those feel true, I can help. Have a look below...

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Integral Human Design & The Gene Keys

Offer you a map of your unique genetic design. They hold precise information about both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Using simple tools, they guide you in discovering your own truth. They not only offer countless practical applications that you can immediately use in your daily life, but also help you find a deeper sense of acceptance for yourself and others.