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Your personal journey gets much

easier once you have the map



  • Being given the "user manual" for your life, health and relationships. 

  • Getting a detailed view of your natural talents, gifts and potentials. 

  • Being explained how you are designed to move through the world. 

  • Receiving instructions on how to make decisions as yourself. 

  • Understanding how you get influenced by the people around you. 

Integral Human Design can do that for you! 


  • You feel like life is a constant struggle and you wish things could flow better.

  • You find it difficult to make the right decisions and always seem to end up in the wrong situation. 

  • You keep on repeating the same patterns and don't know how to escape them. 

  • You struggle to keep your integrity with others - it's hard to be yourself in relationship and have clear boundaries. 

  • You feel lost.. life seems meaningless and you don't know which direction to take. 

  • You don't know what your gifts, talents and potentials are. Nothing you've tried seems to work.

If any of those feel true, I can help.

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Integral Human Design & The Gene Keys

Offer you a map of your unique genetic design. They hold precise information about both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Using simple tools, they guide you in discovering your own truth. They not only offer countless practical applications that you can immediately use in your daily life, but also help you find a deeper sense of acceptance for yourself and others.



Hi, I'm Fabrice


I am an Integral Human Design guide, an advanced yoga and meditation teacher and a certified life coach. I have dedicated the last eight years of my life to the search for truth, freedom and profound happiness.  

I first came across the Human Design system seven years ago, and to be honest, I wasn't impressed. I thought it was just another new age hippie thing. Only later did I realize it was because I didn't have the right person to help me understand. 

Fast-forward to today: I'm now a full time HD guide. It has helped me so much, both as an individual and in my relationship. 

When I follow my design, life just goes so smoothly. I don't meet the same resistance as I used to, the right things just come to me and I feel much happier.

It has really helped me to fall in love deeper with myself. 

And as much as I love going through my own experiment, what truly fulfills me is to help others. I see how deeply impactful this knowledge is for everyone who receives it. 

Getting all this positive feedback fuels me, and every reading I give makes me go deeper into this fascinating system. 

I cannot wait to help you too! 


Luciano, creator & artist  

from Argentina

Fabrice is very knowledgeable and insightful. He has a gift for noticing what needs balancing, and is very wise to give you all the keys in proper timing so you can absorb them and witness the bigger picture. He is also outstanding at witnessing and empowering relationship dynamics, all in a mix of his technical expertise of human design and his own powerful insight. Definitely recommended.

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Aida, holistic sex coach from Belgium

The reading with Fabrice was eye opening and super insightful!! A lot of things clicked and made sense and it sparked a really deep and interesting conversation between my partner and I right after the call. It brought greater awareness to both our strengths and what’s already flowing well, but more importantly some of our shadows and how they are affecting the relationship at large. I love and appreciate the way Fabrice was able to explain our charts in a very down to earth way and use examples that are very applicable in our day to day life, as I’ve received other readings in the past that were much more elusive and not so practical. Overal highly recommended !


Justine, life coach from Colorado, U.S.

Fabrice gave me a brilliant human design reading. I got so much out of it about how to move through my personal life in a more harmonious flow, as well as some insights it brought about my relationship dynamic. It was very confirming to trust my gut and to not push through things.  I highly recommend getting a reading from him and I suggest going for the full package if you are in a relationship – you, your partner and your compatibility. It has helped bring more understanding and acceptance to our relationship.


Alexandre, holistic health coach from Canada

I've been trying to study Human Design by myself for the past year. and nothing has deepened my understanding like this thorough reading Fabrice just gave me. I really thought I knew myself, but the way he introduced the concepts to me in such a practical way, just revolutionized my capacity to follow  my own design. I can really embody the person I am in such an intuitive and natural way now that I'm much more productive at work, my creativity has gone through the roof, and my relationship has improved. And this happened overnight, just after the reading he gave me!


Anna, photographer from Ukraine

I’m usually the skeptical type with those things. I didn’t even want to hear about HD at first. But the same life problem kept popping up. Luckily Fabrice was there to help. And I was shocked. How is it possible that I could struggle for so long, while all answers could be found in my profile? As if I was suddenly given a map of my life and a compass. It doesn’t tell me what to do or where to go, but it definitely helps me to accept my true nature and be happy on my path.  Fabrice is a very soft and gentle guide. I wish everyone to have such help and guidance.


Martin, BMW mechanic from Belgium

Before having my first human design reading I had tried many other things (astrology, Myers Briggs, ...). But none of those made me understand clearly what was going on inside of me. With human design, Fabrice helped me understand so much more of myself on many aspects. This reading also helped me understand important relationship dynamics as well as how and why I react a certain way to my environment.  


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