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Advice for Manifestors

It's not easy being a Manifestor these days - I know.

You guys were built for times when you could just tell people what to do and they would actually do it - without asking questions!

Now you need to be patient, have good communication skills, respect everyone's boundaries, ...

In an ever more democratic world, being the Initiator isn't as easy of a task as it used to be.

All of this can generate a lot of pent-up anger inside you and a massive chip on your shoulder.

This anger needs to be properly managed - or rather channeled.

Don't expect the world to believe in you or listen to you.

Take full responsibility for your manifesting powers.

Show them how it's done.

Be the leader who walks the talk.

Channel this fire into action - whatever that may be.

Michael Jordan was a great example of this.

He's a 5/1 manifestor, and it came out in so many aspects of his life.

Every time someone would either doubt or challenge him, he would use this as fuel, as his reason to work harder, to get even better and to win the game.

Now his main problem was his lack of communication and ability to lead the team.

He was a solo player, taking every shot and just telling others to get out of his way.

Over time he had to learn the art of leadership. He understood that without his team he couldn't win a championship.

He never stopped being demanding - but he never asked of others what he wouldn't do himself.

Instead of blaming - he started taking more and more responsibility while being more and more of a motivator rather than a dictator.

If you're a manifestor, your team is everything. Without the right people who believe in your vision, you are so limited.

You need to nurture those relationships, and to gain their trust by showing your love for your vision and willingness to put it all the line.

Show yourself openly, be vulnerable, and inform the people around you of your intentions.

Be the leader this world needs.


PS: although this theme is most obvious in Manifestors - this advice is also valid for Manifesting Generators.

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