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If there's one thing that consistently comes up during readings, it's people feeling ashamed for being the way they are.

It doesn't matter the type or profile - everyone faces the same challenge.

I've seen people laugh, cry and sigh of relief while hearing me talk about their profile...


"Ahhhhhhh... YES!"

"I could never allow myself to just be me..."

In which ever way it comes out, the root is the same: guilt.

People need to hear "this is why you are like this and it's absolutely ok to be you".

Because that's the problem here.. the mind doesn't trust the body's natural wisdom.

It doesn't trust energy, it doesn't trust intuition, it doesn't trust emotions.

It wants explanations!

And if there's one thing you can get from readings, it's the reassurance that your mind needed.

It's not about hearing completely groundbreaking information - we're talking about you after all!

I'm not telling you anything new here.. the way it is said might be new, but deep down, you always felt it.

I'm just explaining the WHY as well as HOW you can live your life in the most harmonious, natural and efficient way.

Once your mind fully understands it and is on board, everything else unlocks for you.

Finally the body is allowed to do its thing and to guide the way forward.

And if there's one thing to take away from Human Design, is that all authority must be given back to the body.

Who would've thought that we could transcend the mind THROUGH the mind?

That's the real miracle of Human Design & Gene Keys...

So if you haven't done so yet - I invite you to try it for yourself and watch your life transform before your very eyes.

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