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A reminder for intuitive people

We're often told that we shouldn't make decisions based on first impressions - that a "bad cover" doesn't mean a bad book.

However there's a reason why they put covers on books! it's to give you an idea of what's inside.

So much can be seen on someone's face and body - without even talking to them.

So much can be felt by just sitting near someone.

And according to Human Design, if you're intuitive by design, you should absolutely trust your first impressions!

The problem is that usually the mind gets involved.. it doesn't trust the body's wisdom and wants justifications.

The whole practice is to drop out of the mind and down into the body.

It's the only way to truly feel those intuitive impulses...

If you have one or several of the following traits in your profile, you are naturally intuitive.


If you're a projector, your aura is both highly sensitive and penetrative. You can tune into the person

in front of you and feel deeply into who they are, what they feel, need etc.

Your highly attuned perception of others is your gift - you can always trust what you see.


If your spleen is your authority, this means that the way you make decisions is based on your intuit

ion - that little voice inside giving you a clear YES or NO.

The spleen is our oldest most primal awareness center and can sense whether something or someone is safe or not. This should never be ignored if you are a splenic authority.


If your cognition is Smell - you are like a dog sniffing subtle cues that others might not be picking up on. You collect information at a level that goes below most people's awareness.

Like a detective, you can immediately tell when someone is not being honest, when something smells fishy and you better stay away.

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