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Advice for Projectors

If you're a projector, there are two main challenges you have to face in this life:

1) You don't have access to consistent energy like the generators.

2) You don't have the ability to consistently initiate like the manifestors.

This can often bring a feeling of helplessness - lacking a sense of self-sourced power.

Helplessness leads to co-dependency.

And co-dependency is filled with...

Compromise - death for the projector.

It's sending out the message that your energy, time and attention aren't valuable - and that's how the world will receive it.

It only leads to exhaustion and bitterness.

So much of your power comes from the ability to say "no thank you" to invitations that aren't 100% aligned for you.

If it's not a full YES - it's a no.

Every time you stay true to yourself in this way, two things happen:

You clean your own attractor field from what isn't correct for you.

And you amplify the magnetism of your aura to attract more of the right things.

This requires a great depth of trust and not buying into the fear of missing out.

You need the deepest of faith in yourself and your own path - knowing without a doubt that the right opportunities are coming your way.

But here lies your strength, in your attractor field.

You are designed for success - to be fully recognized!

And recognition starts with yourself.

The moment you start truly valuing your gifts is when everything shifts.

So get comfortable saying no.

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