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As I help more and more people with their profile, there is one thing that keeps popping up..

Everyone carries some level of guilt for being who they are.

There is a deep seated belief that being different is wrong.

I'll be giving a reading to someone and they go:

"Oh! wow yes! I knew it!! I never allowed myself to be like that "

"I thought there was something wrong with me, what a relief"

"I always felt guilty for being like this.. "

It's both amazing and sad to hear.

Something magical happens when you explain them WHY they are like this - and give them full permission to BE.

In an instant, a heavy load of shame gets dropped and left behind.

And not just that... but to also see how amazing that attribute is - it's not a limitation but a GIFT!

There is no right or wrong profile - only uniqueness.

There is NOTHING TO FIX - only things to be aware of.

Once you accept this, your reality transforms.

Now, you start playing the game of life as intended:

Embodying YOUR unique character.

Playing by YOUR unique rules.

Following YOUR unique mission.

And all the above SHAMELESSLY.

Sigh.. what a relief

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