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There's one consistent pattern I've observed when it comes to business and marketing.

People with an open head and / or open root are subject to so much pressure from the collective - especially through social media.

What type of pressure?

Well.. the open root will be pressured to get more shit done, to grow faster, to accumulate more wealth, to launch x-amount of programs a year, to reach x-amount of $$$ that year, etc...

At the shadow level, this is experienced as dissatisfaction, stress, greed, and an overstimulation of the adrenals.

At the level of the open head, we have all sorts of mental pressures.. convincing you to adopt this or that strategy to make it all happen asap.

Let's take a story of a person with her root and head centers open - her name is Mary.

Mary has a coaching business. She started a few years ago and has been making a living from it since.

She never has to work a day job, she picks her working hours, she travels throughout the year, living in beautiful locations and meeting amazing people.

Mary is truly grateful for her life, she feels deeply at peace and content.

Except for when she goes on social media...

The posts, the stories, the comments, ,.. she sees some friends doing better than her!

More followers, more likes, and the worst... more $$$.

Every time she reads a post about huge sums of money being earned - her nervous system gets all rattled.

She's lost her peace... and worst - lost her gratitude for what she has.

She feels a rush of adrenaline accompanied by a bunch of ideas of how she could get there as well.

But it's been years, and she still isn't there.

What's wrong with her and her work?


If you have one or both of these centers open, this is my message for you:

Don't buy into the lies.

Ask yourself:

Are these thoughts even mine?

And is this pressure to do more really coming from me?

And even better.. find ways to not expose yourself to this outside pressure.

You need to put blinders on and focus on you.

Feed your world, not theirs.

Spend less time watching their stories, and spend more creating your own content.

And whatever decision you make, use your inner authority to do so.

Instead of reacting to what's going on outside, come from a place of creative ownership - where it all comes from you and what's true inside of you.

Maybe you do want to grow faster, or maybe you don't.

Maybe you do want more money, or maybe you don't.

Maybe you do feel you're not reaching your full potential, or maybe you're absolutely content with where you're at.

Whatever comes up, it's all good, as long as it comes from you.

Trust in yourself, and trust in the power of time.

Nothing ever stays the same, just keep on following your natural impulses.

This will create a radical shift, both inwardly and outwardly.

And I bet your business will grow from it as a natural result.

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