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Advice for Generators

The biggest key for you as a generator is to become truly aware of what it means to be a sacral being.

You need to understand what it means to carry so much energy - and how it influences the space around you.

When a generator is unhappy, the whole room is unhappy.

And when a generator is happy, the whole room is happy!

You fill the space with your energy, and you need to take full responsibility for what you bring to this space.

You need to understand your "size" - how big you are and how strong others feel you.

Another aspect of taking responsibility is about how you spend your energy.

A major shadow of the generator is to throw the responsibility for their energy onto others.

Either asking the other to tell them what do with it - or simply dumping their energy load onto the people around them.

This can happen verbally, physically or on the subtle energetical levels.

A generator without self-responsibility is a a burden for the world - it drains people instead of energizing them.

Which is a real tragedy.. Your whole reason for existing is to energize the world around you!

We live in a sacral world - over 70% of the population - so it's crucial for our future that all generators take full ownership for their energy.

And this is really the core of this system: to become your own Authority - your own fully responsible individuated Self.


PS: this is also valid for Manifesting Generators - although I see this tendency being stronger with pure Generators.

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