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There is one thing to grasp when starting your Human Design journey:

You have to stop making decisions with your mind.

The mind is a great tool, but it's too biased to make correct decisions.

It wants what it wants and not what you NEED - it cannot be your authority.

So the first step is to drop down into the body.

For some - it's their sacral center (feel into it).

For others - the solar plexus (take your time).

There is also the spleen (intuition in the moment) and a few others.

So the first thing to do - if you haven't done so yet - is to get your chart and learn about your INNER AUTHORITY.

Once you know how to make decisions - along with a few other things - everything starts to fall into place.

When you surrender to your design - the way your were meant to function - everything gets easier.

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