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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

"The only reason human beings don't like themselves is because they truly do not know who they are. They have never lived the experience of being themselves nor seen the beauty of what their true life holds."

This quote from Ra beautifully sums up why tools such as Human Design and the Gene Keys are most needed today.

The number one thing I notice when giving readings is the relief on people's faces when they hear that all they have to do in life is to be themselves.

With this realization, comes the natural question..

Who is this *ME* we're talking about?

Who am I really?

And this is where this system comes in. It helps to differentiate between everything that is YOU - and all that is NOT you.

That other stuff is all your childhood conditioning, what you took on from your parents, from the schooling system, from the society you grew up in.

But not only.. even today - RIGHT NOW - you're constantly being influenced by the outside:

Your spouse, your friends, your family.. The current planetary transits and the place you live in. It's all impacting you as you read this.

And there's nothing you can do about it, except to become aware - TRULY AWARE.

Once you know YOU, and you receive the confirmation that's it's ok to be YOU - everything else falls into place.

The guilt, the shame, the stress, it can all go away.

You don't have to feel sorry for being different anymore.


You didn't come here to be another clone, another homogenized construct.

You came here to bear gifts and talents that are uniquely yours.

There's literally nobody else like you.

And the greatest tragedy is to miss out on YOUR life because you bought into the lie.

Because you fell for the trap - the common story that you have to be this or that.

The mass hypnosis, the global disease.

You don't have to be anything BUT yourself.

"How can I truly know myself?" - you might ask.

To be continued.. in Part II

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