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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

** Who am I? - What am I made of? - Why am I here? - Where do I come from? - Where am I going? **

I've spent the last decade looking for answers to these questions.

Looking back at it, I can see a clear set of things I could recommend to someone taking on the same quest.

There were 5 core aspects to my journey:

๐Ÿ) ๐‘ฐ ๐’•๐’“๐’‚๐’—๐’†๐’๐’๐’†๐’….. ๐’‚ ๐’๐’๐’•.

Lived for months - sometimes years - in very different places and cultures:

Australia, Thailand, France, California, Belgium, Ukraine and now Bali.

Every place held specific keys and experiences for me to go through.

Every destination helped me discover myself in new ways.

After going through so many cultures, social circles, landscapes, climates.. you start getting a clear idea of what is consistent in YOU or not.

There are other forms of travelling though.

๐Ÿ) ๐‘ฐ ๐’•๐’“๐’‚๐’—๐’†๐’๐’๐’†๐’… ๐’Š๐’๐’˜๐’‚๐’“๐’…๐’”

Mind expanding substances have played a tremendous part in answering those questions.

Words cannot describe how much I owe to those God given medicines.

While I do not recommend indulging in drugs, taking psychedelics in the proper setting while receiving proper care and guidance can dramatically change your life for the better.

If all the leaders of the world were given a cup of ayahuasca tonight, tomorrow would be a very different world.

Nothing like a good old ego death..

Everything you thought was "you" getting completely obliterated into the Singularity of Love.

Beyond space and time, in the paradox where no more questions arise, you can finally meet (your)Self.

These experiences are beyond magical.

They give perspective.

They give awakening.

They give a new life.

But substances alone aren't enough.. they are not a replacement but rather the cherry on top of the cake.

And the cake is showing up EVERY SINGLE DAY.

๐Ÿ‘) ๐‘ซ๐’‚๐’Š๐’๐’š ๐’‘๐’“๐’‚๐’„๐’•๐’Š๐’„๐’† ๐’๐’‡ ๐’”๐’†๐’๐’‡-๐’‚๐’˜๐’‚๐’“๐’†๐’๐’†๐’”๐’”

If someone was to ask me the number one thing they could do every day to dramatically change their quality of life, I'd say without hesitation:


And when I say *meditation* - I mean awareness-based meditation.

Not the effort-based concentration which serves a different purpose.

Taking the time, every day, to sit down, close your eyes and turning inwards has benefits that cannot be understated.

It allows you to properly digest your daily experiences so that nothing gets stuck and contracted inside of you.

It's a time of true rest.

From this well of silence come inspiration, alignment and direction.

Daily return to Source is paramount. EVERYTHING springs from there.

It's a time to see what's really inside of you - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

You get to know yourself so deeply and intimately. Both the shadow and the light.

But alone, without a mirror, you'll always be limited in what you can see.

This is where relationships come in.

๐Ÿ’) ๐‘ช๐’๐’๐’”๐’„๐’Š๐’๐’–๐’” ๐‘น๐’†๐’๐’‚๐’•๐’Š๐’๐’ˆ

This one right here has been my most consistent, difficult and rewarding practice of all.

You cannot truly know yourself until you have fallen, broken and risen in Love.

The art of conscious relating is not for the faint of heart. It is challenging beyond measure, but nothing will show more of yourself.

All the triggers, the traumas and the wounds coming up to the surface.

This is your mirror, pointing to all of what needs to be addressed.

All that cannot be bypassed.

This is where you do the shadow work.

Relationships will crucify you, but if you stand in the fire, using every bit of pain to open your heart even more, they will sanctify you.

๐Ÿ“) ๐‘ฏ๐’–๐’Ž๐’‚๐’ ๐‘ซ๐’†๐’”๐’Š๐’ˆ๐’ & ๐‘ฎ๐’†๐’๐’† ๐‘ฒ๐’†๐’š๐’”

Last but not least, the most brilliant systems I've found so far.

Without this, there is so much time and energy that can be wasted.

They give you an objective view of yourself..

Your typology, your decision making process, your gifts, talents and life mission.

They show you everything that is YOU - and everything that is not.

They are truly life changing.

**Much more on these amazing tools in Part III**


For now, I'm really curious:

Whether it's mentioned in the list or not..

What helped you transform your life?

What helped you knowing yourself?

And what would you still like to try?


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