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Updated: Apr 26


There's one thing that saddens me in the Human Design community - and it's their strong aversion towards the Gene Keys.

They resist all further exploration, only want to stick to what "Ra said" and keep the whole system on lock.

And on the other side we have the super "magical, mystical, spiritual" peeps who don't like to "use their minds" and refuse to look at HD.

I feel both sides are missing the point...

Human Design & Gene Keys are simply two branches of the same transmission.

We're looking at the same thing, but from two different angles.

HD is the masculine left brain approach. It's about precise knowledge, technical mechanics and practical strategy.

It simply tells you how your vehicle is designed to function.

It helps to satisfy the logical mind so that we can finally listen to our bodies.

GK is the feminine right brain approach. It's about experiential wisdom, deep contemplation and mystical opening.

It takes you on a journey into yourself, where every sphere, line and key slowly reveals itself to (and through) you.

It feeds your heart and soul, and gives a more meaningful language to the whole transmission.

Is each system "enough" in and of itself?


But why not use both?

And why not connect them as one?

From my own experience - both with my own profile as well as all the readings I've given - the real magic happens when we marry the practicality of the Human Design bodygraph with the language of the Gene Keys.

And why not include all of it within a wider world view?

This is Integrative Human Design.

In the words of Richard Rudd (Gene Keys founder):

This transmission is alive, it's here to evolve and to mutate.

It helps us to grow, and in return we help it to grow as well.

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