• Discover your unique life strategy and how to make decisions.

    45 min

    147 US dollars
  • Understand your needs in relationships and how to connect with others

    1 hr 30 min

    247 US dollars
  • Open up to your natural gifts, unique talents and hidden potentials

    1 hr 30 min

    247 US dollars
  • Learn how to do business as yourself without ever having to compromise

    2 hr

    347 US dollars
  • Get to know everything about your unique relationship dynamic.

    2 hr

    397 US dollars
  • Learn how to best manage your team for more efficiency and harmony

    2 hr 30 min

    497 US dollars



Imaya, dancer from the Netherlands

I finally had my first reading and it couldn't have come at a better time. I'd been diving deep and discovering new things about myself that I'd long suspected but couldn't fully give myself permission to honor, yet. The reading with Fabrice just hit the nail on the head.. What is truly right for me - which people belong in my life and which people don't. What my needs in relationship are.. Now I feel more confident to listen to my intuition. No more second guessing myself. No more trying to fit myself into a mold of how it's always been done. No more wondering if the things I desire and ask are too much or impossible. This feeling is pure gold. Thanks Fabrice, I'll be back! 

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Aida & Solar, holistic sex coach from Belgium & Israel

The reading with Fabrice was eye opening and super insightful!! A lot of things clicked and made sense and it sparked a really deep and interesting conversation between my partner and I right after the call. It brought greater awareness to both our strengths and what’s already flowing well, but more importantly some of our shadows and how they are affecting the relationship at large. I love and appreciate the way Fabrice was able to explain our charts in a very down to earth way and use examples that are very applicable in our day to day life, as I’ve received other readings in the past that were much more elusive and not so practical. Overal highly recommended !


Justine, life coach from Colorado, U.S.

Fabrice gave me a brilliant human design reading. I got so much out of it about how to move through my personal life in a more harmonious flow, as well as some insights it brought about my relationship dynamic. It was very confirming to trust my gut and to not push through things.  He also spoke to me tendency to burnout, so always a good reminder for me to have.  I highly recommend getting a reading from him and I suggest going for the full package if you are in a relationship – you, your partner and your compatibility. It has helped bring more understanding and acceptance to our relationship.


Alexandre, holistic health coach from Canada

I've been trying to study Human Design by myself for the past year. and nothing has deepened my understanding like this thorough reading Fabrice just gave me. I really thought I knew myself, but the way he introduced the concepts to me in such a practical way, just revolutionized my capacity to follow  my own design. I can really embody the person I am in such an intuitive and natural way now that I'm much more productive at work, my creativity has gone through the roof, and my relationship has improved. And this happened overnight, just after the reading he gave me!