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The reading with Fabrice was eye opening and super insightful!! A lot of things clicked and made sense and it sparked a really deep and interesting conversation between my partner and I right after the call. It brought greater awareness to both our strengths and what’s already flowing well, but more importantly some of our shadows and how they are affecting the relationship at large. I love and appreciate the way Fabrice was able to explain our charts in a very down to earth way and use examples that are very applicable in our day to day life, as I’ve received other readings in the past that were much more elusive and not so practical. Overal highly recommended !

Aida, holistic sex coach from Belgium

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Fabrice gave me a brilliant human design reading. I got so much out of it about how to move through my personal life in a more harmonious flow, as well as some insights it brought about my relationship dynamic. It was very confirming to trust my gut and to not push through things. Sometimes I waste energy unnecessarily and learning about my type was really helpful to not fall into this trap again. Also sometimes, I override my gut with the logic of my mind. While this doesn’t usually go well and only reaffirms to listen to my gut, this reading from Fabrice gave me an extra confirmation to not repeat this pattern as well. He also spoke to me tendency to burnout, so always a good reminder for me to have. Another thing that I found very valuable from the reading was understanding how my partner needs to sleep on most decisions. Being someone who makes decisions quick, I struggled sometimes to get why it took him so long. Fabrice explained this so well. This was just one of the points, there were several others as well. I highly recommend getting a reading from him and I suggest going for the full package if you are in a relationship – you, your partner and your compatibility. It has helped bring more understanding and acceptance to our relationship.

Justine, life coach from Colorado, U.S.

Fabrice is very knowledgeable and insightful. He has a gift for noticing what needs balancing, and is very wise to give you all the keys in proper timing so you can absorb them and witness the bigger picture. He is also outstanding at witnessing and empowering relationship dynamics, all in a mix of his technical expertise of human design and his own powerful insight. Definitely recommended.

Luciano, creator & artist from Argentina


I finally had my first reading and it couldn't have come at a better time. I'd been diving deep and discovering new things about myself that I'd long suspected but couldn't fully give myself permission to honor, yet. The reading with Fabrice just hit the nail on the head with all of the topics I'd been sitting with and confirmed things I'd long been suspecting.. What is truly right for me - which people belong in my life and which people don't. What my needs in relationship are - how to integrate my desire for stability with my constant need for radical change. Now I feel more confident to listen to my intuition -  that quiet inner voice that already knows. No more second guessing myself. No more trying to fit myself into a mold of how it's always been done. No more wondering if the things I desire and ask are too much or impossible. This feeling is pure gold. Thanks Fabrice, I'll be back! 

Imaya, dancer from the Netherlands

The reading Fabrice gave us was packed with valuable insights from beginning to end. He provided the information in a clear, ordered and accessible manner, making it instantly applicable if desired. Since the reading my partner and I have referenced the information often and with ease.

It has truly served to bring a deeper understanding of each other’s quirks and greater awareness of how to navigate our interactions with more synergy and empathy. We are really grateful and we can highly recommend it. Fabrice has a natural gift for HD and he is generous with it.

Clara from Spain & Raffaello from Italy, ISTA guides


The best 100 bucks I've ever invested! I've been trying to study Human Design by myself for the past year and nothing has deepened my understanding like this thorough reading Fabrice just gave me. I really thought I knew myself, but the way he introduced the concepts to me in such a practical way, daily life oriented way, just revolutionized my capacity to follow  my own design. I can really embody the person I am in such an intuitive and natural way now that I'm much more productive at work, my creativity has gone through the roof, and my relationship has improved. And this happened overnight, just after the reading he gave me!

I'm very grateful for the light he helped me shed on my being, I'd recommend a reading to all my friends! 

Alexandre, holistic health coach from Canada

I’m usually the skeptical type with those things. I didn’t even want to hear about HD at first. But the same life problem kept popping up. Luckily Fabrice was there to help. And I was shocked. How is it possible that I could struggle for so long, while all answers could be found in my profile? As if I was suddenly given a map of my life and a compass. It doesn’t tell me what to do or where to go, but it definitely helps me to accept my true nature and be happy on my path. It showed me the beauty of my gifts and the shadows that I have to work on. Definitely helps with old traumas and insecurities. Fabrice is a very soft and gentle guide. I wish everyone to have such help and guidance. Being an amazing yoga teacher he also helps me to build my daily practice and meditation according to my design. I wish everyone to have such help and guidance.

Anna, journalist & photographer from Ukraine


Before having my first human design reading I had tried many other things ( Astrology reading, Myers Briggs, etc. ). But none of those made me understand clearly what was going on inside myself. When I saw my chart it was difficult to navigate and relate to all those channels and centers. Being a new concept to me I needed guidance and Fabrice did that so right. He helped me understand first the concept and then focus on different event of my life and how I was reacting. It made me understand so much more of myself on many aspects. It also clearly tells you how and why things are challenging for you in your environment or with your partner. Fabrice as been a coach for me for many years and I’ll keep on recommending him as his curiosity and love to learn more and more never seem to stop growing.

Martin, BMW mechanic from Belgium

It was a great experience to be introduced to human design by Fabrice. As you take the path of spiritual awakening and self-awareness, it can really help you to understand the foundation of your being and help your decision making process to be in tune with your true self. I recommend him without hesitation!

Antoine, diving instructor from Belgium


Fabrice really showed me what human design is about. With his loving and passionate attitude, he looked deep into my being and showed me in a simple and understandable way how my design works. I fully recommend his reading. I mean.. life can be so easy once you know yourself! 

Patrick from Austria

Fabrice is very thorough and detailed in his explanations of human design. My reading was extremely insightful and has provided me with the ways I should be moving through life. It will assist in helping me put clearer boundaries down to protect my energy.

Merrigan from the U.K. 

Pink Blossom

I already had my HD done a few times before, but the session with Fabrice really brought it to the next level. He immediately pinned down the exact specifics of my design that still were a challenge for me because of a lack of explanation and integration. His knowledge and clear insights helped me see through, and understand how to shift the challenging dynamics and unhealthy patterns I needed to improve, so that I could finally be in the flow and move through life harmoniously, with true self-respect and clean, healthy boundaries. 

His deep understanding of the HD and Gene Keys systems makes him a great guide, capable of seeing through and understanding the dynamics at play within us and in our lives ; and pointing efficiently at the best tools for us to embody our best potential. I especially loved his sharpness and fun approach to coaching, and his ability to clearly articulate and exemplify the transforming knowledge that he transmits. 

I would really recommend the full coaching package to fast forward to the next level of your life with clear guidance and support! This is life changing!

VijayaSree, Holistic Therapist from France

I loved my reading so much! I felt and have continued to since feel life running through me in a way I wasn’t fully sure how to allow. Literally since I got off the call with you I have been saying yes to living by my design and now I’m making massive life changes that feel scary to the mind but in my body I know it is right because I am trusting my splenic intuition.. and I know from last experience that always leads me to the right place. I just forgot for a while. I’m grateful for how it felt easy to understand you, how much you invited questions, the way you spoke in a way that I could really relate and understand you. Thank you!

Alexandra, bodyworker from Australia

Miracle Mentoring (@jufu.magic) • Instag

I am forever grateful for this magical reading! 
My life is changing drastically since that day... It feels like I can finally be me, like I now have permission to live life like I always felt was right for me, but hardly ever saw as an example in anyone around me. I can now sense my conditioning popping regularly,, but now I see it in such a different light and feel compassion towards myself and the world.

What stood out for me was that life force energy wants to live through me. I always felt this, but never really understood . As if I was blind to how I am meant to walk through this life. Now I see it and can finally be it. And this freedom and abundance is priceless for me! 

From here I have so much clarity in my energy. I also have less resistance towards the unknown. My energy is coming back. And my son is also feeling it very strong. This is the greatest gift! It helped me understand his type so much better. I can finally be me and guide him through life with so much fun and ease. Before I had a quite common mother struggle of either just caring for myself or for him and both left me feeling like shit. Now it is so easy... Hard to believe!

It's absolutely mind blowing for me how easy life is meant to be if we just live how we're meant to.
The connection to the gene keys and all the information in there were the depth I needed to understand my strength and weaknesses even better.

I really enjoyed how fun it was to chat with you and that you made it so open and inviting for my questions and shares. I felt super safe and seen!

Jufu, Life Coach from Germany

I discovered Human Design during a coaching session where my energy type was revealed to me. I was so intrigued by this one piece of information that I dug deeper on my own. I then decided to continue and go further with Fabrice who proposed a unique and complete approach.


The exploration of my Design first reassured me because the analysis put into words what I had been feeling inside for so long. It gave me a better understanding of my inner mechanisms both globally and in detail... It is fascinating. It has also inspired and motivated me to build a business that I love and will bring me the fulfillment I need.


And I couldn't just stop there... this tool resonated so much with me that I started to explore my life partner's chart with the little knowledge I had accumulated. We decided to do a relationship reading to explore the dynamics of our couple. The session came at a crucial time in our relationship... after 10 years together we needed some outside help... a kind, outside, professional and non-judgmental look that could accompany us in a better understanding of ourselves as individuals and as a couple.


The session brought us a lot of serenity, concrete keys, awareness and a new look on our relationship. I highly recommend Fabrice's work... first of all for yourself and if you are in a couple and encounter difficulties, it is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself. Thank you for everything!

Ana, self-development coach from Belgium


I'm in a period of my life (40 year old) where I feel a little stuck. I jumped on the Human Design and Gene Key train few months ago. I did my research and watched all youtube videos available but still felt very confused. I found Fabrice on Youtube and really enjoyed his videos. When the opportunity showed up to have an individual business reading with him I just felt the pull and went for it. 

The meeting was such a delight. I felt very safe and understood. He led me to a lot of my own insights by asking me the right questions. The different aspects of my chart resonated with me a lot, I felt very seen. It gave me a lot to think about and a lot of clarity at the same time.


I really think this is a great investment of money and time for my future. Now I really know what work has to be done for me to flow in life, what are my strengths and weaknesses. I really love talking and listening to Fabrice, he is very knowledgeable and I learned so much from him! Very grateful!

Sanja from Slovenia

Fabrice is highly knowledgeable in Gene Keys and Human Design, and I am so glad my intuition led me to him.


We had a Life Purpose Activation reading together, which went really deep. He skillfully guided me through my profile in a way that was precise, easy to understand, and full of wisdom. He is a projector, and projectors are here to guide us after all. They just have this ability to see things in a way that others can't. Fabrice is such a good listener. He knows how to ask the right questions, has the gift of discernment, is supportive, and can give great practical tips as well!


The session helped me find the clarity I needed to deal with certain challenges in my life and answered many questions about who I am at a deeper level. Having this kind of reading is invaluable for any person in their personal growth and expansion process.

Anna, Gene Keys guide from Greece

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